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Text Box: Hydronic Formula #5
Steam Boiler Cleaner/Inhibitor with Silicone SK-24










Hydronic formula #5 is scientifically formulated to clean and protect boilers and hydronic heating systems.  Patented Hydronic #5 will maximize heating efficiency and prolong the useful life of the system.





Shut boiler down, valve off system, remove pressure relief valve.  Pour hydronic #5 into opening, replace valve, open lines, then fire boiler normally.  To complete job without shutting system down, mix HYDRONIC #5 in a pail with water, inject directly into boiler draw-off with a SILVER KING ALL BRASS FORCE AND SUCTION PUMP.

Use one quart for each 110,000 BTU's of boiler rating.  For best results, use once each year.



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